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Explore the Kahrs Original range of engineered wood flooring. A collection of three layer constructed engineered wooden floors, up to 15mm with a thick 3.5mm surface layer which means it can be sanded up to 3 times,  Known for its high quality, technological advances in the field of engineered wood flooring and its environmentally friendly, sustainable ethos, Kahrs Original is often the favoured choice in flooring for professionals and homeowners alike.  As the biggest range from Kahrs, the Kahrs Original collections offer a wide variety of wood species, textures and strip designs you’re bound to find the perfect flooring for your home.   

Why choose Kahrs Original engineered wood flooring? Design - The Kahrs Original range comprises of 17 collections, each offering distinctive design and colour options. These include the European Collection inspired by the Dutch renaissance period and the Domani collection, which is rustic yet sophisticated.  Sustainability - Kahrs is committed to sustainability throughout the production process. Durability - The Kahrs Original range of flooring comes with a durable three layer construction and a thick surface layer. This can be resanded and refinished for years to come. Installation - Easy to install, you can even DIY with the Kahrs wood locking system Warranty - The Kahrs Original collection comes with the standard manufacturer guarantee - 30 years for home installations. 


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