Sand Collection

The Kahrs Sand Collection presents a range of light sandy coloured floors for a clean and sophisticated yet understated look. The engineered wood planks have a total thickness of 15mm with a pine/spruce/alder core with a quality oak or ash top layer. Due to the luxurious 3.5mm top layer these floors can be re-sanded up to 3 times during their lifetime. The Khars Woodloc system provides for a quick and simple installation and all the floors in this range come with a Kahrs 30 year residential guarantee.


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£62.40 / m² (inc VAT)
£53.82 / m² (inc VAT)
£78.73 / m² (inc VAT)
£85.98 / m² (inc VAT)
£91.20 / m² (inc VAT)
£48.00 / m² (inc VAT)
£74.88 / m² (inc VAT)