Quickstep Vinyl

Quick-Step’s Livyn range is a collection of luxury vinyl floors with the natural look/feel of wood and stone tiles with all the practical benefits of vinyl tiles. Quick-Step vinyl flooring is a good alternative to laminate floors. In years gone by vinyl floors lacked character and looked cheap with very little choice. Today, Quick Step Vinyl flooring is anything but boring, they’ve come a long way, offering you a huge choice in style and durability. Quick-Step’s Livyn range is 100% waterproof. Thanks to the Stain Guard and Scratch Guard technology, the revolutionary sealed layer creates protection from scuff marks, dirt, stains and scratches, which make it ideal for any kitchen and bathroom. One still has to be careful when choosing the right vinyl floor; obviously you want one you’ll be completely satisfied with and that will last many years. This is why we recommend Quick-Step. Quick-Step vinyl flooring comes with its own Uniclic, Multifit System (a patented design) which is the best click system out there for easy and quick drop-down click installation.

Quick-Step Vinyl


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