Saicos Ecoline Wax Care Spray - Wood Flooring Care MSEWCS

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When do I use this?
This product is similar to “Saicos Wax Care” except that this can also be used on lacquered floors as well as oiled floors. You would use this product 2/3 times a year. Its dual purpose product, it aims to maintain the beauty of the floor and can also be used for minor repair works, by minor repairs we mean small scratches or marks that can be removed by a small amount of sanding, except for lacquered floors where you would not sand the floor but just clean the floor using “Saicos Wash Care”.. Once the marks have been removed from the oiled floors and the floor will need to be washed with “Saicos Wash Care” it can be finished off with The “Premium Hardwax Oil”. For cleaning simply spray the product onto the floor and polish. Available in 1.0 liter spray cans.
• Cleans and maintains Hard Wood floors.
• Suitable for UV Oiled, Hard wax oiled and lacquered floors
• Application is simple. Simply spray the product directly on the wood floor surface and distribute with cloth.
• Also recommended for initial cleaning of freshly installed pre finished floors before usage.
• Revitalises and Builds up anti slip properties unlike other Wax care products.
• Removes persistent heavy stains using a scratchpad except for lacquered wood floors