Kahrs Unity Collection

Kahrs Unity is an affordable modern collection of single plank floors available in oak and walnut with finishes to enhance the natural grain of the wood. This range offers a 3 layer construction with a 10mm top layer. 

Why choose the Kahrs Unity range

Durability - Highly durable floors in a matt lacquer to protect from scratches and scuffs. Supported by a 20 year warranty.  Installation - easy to install with the Kahrs woodloc system, the floor can be floating or glued down. Sustainability - Kahrs Unity is built with sustainability in mind with strict Planet Positive ethos throughout the manufacturing process. Underfloor heating - Suitable for use with underfloor heating


One Stop Flooring offers the Kahrs Unity range with a price peace promise, fast delivery and an exceptional service. If you need expert advice when choosing your floor, contact us! 


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£61.80 / m² (inc VAT)
£59.80 / m² (inc VAT)
£54.00 / m² (inc VAT)
£54.00 / m² (inc VAT)
£42.00 / m² (inc VAT)