Kahrs Da Capo Collection

The Kahrs Da Capo collection is the engineered wood of choice for those looking for a rustic, aged look on their floors. The collection of rustic oak and pine floors have been hand scraped and brushed to bring out a unique texture on each board. Products within the Da Capo collection can give the look of reclaimed wood whilst enjoying the benefits of engineered wood.


Why buy Kahrs Da Capo engineered wooden flooring?

Design - Da Capo offers a rustic aged wood design across the range, with a selection of species and colour options available. Each plank is hand brushed enhancing the knots and grains of the board. The range offers a choice of single strips such as Oak Maggiore and 3 strip designs such as Oak Anziano. Durability - A three layer design with a 3.5mm top layer then protected by oils means your floor can withstand day to day life, even in kitchens and higher traffic rooms. Sustainability - Kahrs has sustainability and environmentally friendly practices throughout the manufacturing process, meeting environmental standards. Underfloor Heating - Suitable for use with underfloor heating Easy Installation - Easy DIY installation is available with the Kahrs click locking Woodloc system Warranty - you know your floor will last with a 30 year manufacturer warranty for the home

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