Boen Chalet and Chaletino

Unique and unusual plank widths and lengths characterise Boen Chalet and Chaletino engineered wood floors. Ideal for use in large living areas or generously sized rooms, these floors exude spaciousness. Made using handcrafted techniques and the finest 150 to 200-year-old oaks, these floors are luxurious and sophisticated. 

Knots and cracks in the real wood surface have been lovingly filled but remain deliberately visible, giving the floors in the Chalet range a vibrant and natural look. Chalet engineered floors come in 5 different plank widths, between 200mm and 395mm wide, and have an installation height of 20mm. 

The lively floors in the Chaletino range, with their large-format planks, have an installation height of 15mm, making them ideal for installing over underfloor heating. 

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