Kahrs Engineered Flooring


Kahrs Engineered Flooring


Kahrs Engineered Flooring

Kahrs have been around in this industry since 1857. It is a family-run business based in Sweden. They have infinite experience with wood flooring and what works well. Whatever the size of your or room, Kahrs flooring will enhance that space. With a variety of colours and species, sizes and patterns to finish the floor, whilst each plank is unique and individually treated, you will definitely find something for you.
They have been working with wood for over 160 years, where errors have been fixed and now is the largest wooden floor distributor in many countries. With their extended 30-year guarantee, a lot of effort and research goes into making the wood to find the correct surface treatment, being strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear, but thin enough to enhance the natural beauty of the floor.
Kahrs has released 2 new collections:

  1. Ground Collection: New collection of Ash and Oak 3-strip floors. this collection brings balance and harmony to any interior. This range is finished with a Matt Lacquer top coat, creating a strong shield.
  2. Beyond Retro Collection: New collection which celebrates the combination of classical and modern designs bringing authenticity, warmth and modernity. This range is finished with an ultra matt lacquer top coat, creating a solid shield.

Kahrs does a wide range of products to finish the floor off perfectly.

  1. Kahrs flooring
  2. Kahrs Aesthetics – Floor accessories, mouldings, skirtings and stair nosing
  3. Underlay – Premium and basic underlay in wide ranges
  4. Installation – Tools handy for fitting the floor
  5. Maintenance – Wide range of products to care for the Kahrs flooring
  6. Repair – Wide range of products to repair floors ranging from wood fillers, touch-ups and a variety of repair cuts

Calm – Minimalistic, clean and clear. Small variations with lesser knots
Variation – Subtle character with variations in terms of colour, tone and pattern with few knots
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