First choose your floor from our online shop and if you find it cheaper elsewhere send us the written quotation including the delivery costs. If this complies with our terms & conditions below then we will offer you a better price as well as our perfect customer service.

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Thank you for your quote request. Price includes VAT and delivery.

Please note there will be a £60 (incl vat) delivery charge for postcodes HU, YO, NE, DL, CA, DH, SR, TS , Scotland and Northern Ireland. For Republic of Ireland £84 (incl vat). We will contact you if there is a change to the standard rate (£24 inc vat) based on the postcode you provide.

To place an order please call 0208 204 2333 or email us on:

We have also sent this quote to you via email. This quotation is valid for 7 days.

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Free Kahrs Underlay

For all Kahrs floors that require it we are offering FREE Kahrs Underlay worth £43 per 16.5 m² roll. This offer is applied for every 16.5m² of Kahrs flooring you purchase. For example: 16.5 m² of Kahrs flooring = 1 Free rolls 33 m² of Kahrs flooring = 2 Free rolls 49.5 m² of Kahrs flooring = 3 Free rolls, etc Note: If your total flooring requirement falls within a roll amount you will need to purchase an additional roll separately due to the fact they only come in 16.5m² units. [/lightbox] [col span="6" span__sm="12" force_first="small" padding="0px 15px 0px 15px" align="center" bg_color="rgb(255, 255, 255)"] [gap height="80px"]


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