Hacienda & Ranch Collection


In the step towards redefining luxury tiles flooring, Kährs proudly introduces the Hacienda and Ranch Collections, featuring a stunning array of designs and colors, all encapsulated in an upgraded 5 mm Click construction. Elevating the flooring experience, these collections seamlessly merge innovation, style, and durability, ensuring a timeless addition to any space.


Inspired by Nature: Hacienda and Ranch Collections

Drawing inspiration from the picturesque landscapes of the north- and southwest of the United States, and the majestic horses that roam these terrains, the Hacienda and Ranch Collections feature new and appealing colors and wood designs. The collections are thoughtfully curated to reflect the diversity in wood grading, with each design telling a unique story inspired by the vast countryside.

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New and Improved: The 5 mm Click Offer

Kährs has taken a leap forward with the Hacienda and Ranch Collections by introducing an upgraded 5 mm click construction. This advancement brings a host of new features, including integrated underlay, a use class 33 designation, registered embossing, and a variety of wood grading designs. The result is a flooring solution that not only exudes sophistication but also meets the highest standards of durability and quality. One standout feature of the Hacienda and Ranch Collections is the strategically placed repeats in the design, creating an impression of repetition every 1.8 m². This, combined with a shift in décor every 5th plank, adds a dynamic element to the flooring, ensuring a visually engaging and unique aesthetic.

Choose Your Aesthetic: Several Colours, Infinite Possibilities

The Hacienda and Ranch Collections present a comprehensive palette, offering nine colors and designs that range from light to dark. This ensures that there is a perfect choice for every taste and interior design aesthetic. Whether you envision the warm embrace of Hacienda or the rustic charm of Ranch, Kährs provides the tools to turn your flooring dreams into a reality. As you explore the Hacienda and Ranch Collections on our website, surround yourself with the richness of design, colors, and the promise of quality. Kährs invites you to experience the seamless integration of innovation and tradition, where luxury meets durability.